Village Worship

Worship is at the center of life as a community and of our faith formation.

The Village Music Ministry reflects Love God, Be Real, Bring Hope.

Love for the Lord is expressed in our corporate worship. Being real with one another is a key component in our weekly rehearsals. And, we seek to bring hope through worship and concert events on our campus and beyond the walls.

Village Choir

The Village Choir is a diverse group of young, middle, and senior adults who love to praise the Lord. Our rehearsals each week are not just a time to learn new songs; we pray for each other and call upon the Lord to do great things as we lead worship on Sunday mornings. No audition is required. Please join us for rehearsal on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm in the choir room (upstairs in Building 2).

Village Band

The Village Band is an instrumental group that meets each week on Wednesday nights in preparation for accompanying Sunday morning worship. For audition information please contact Pastor Matt.

Choirs For Every Age Group

Silver Sounds

Seasonal Singing for Senior Saints: Silver Sounds runs January through March every year, meeting at 10:00 am in the Choir Suite on Tuesdays. Weekly community events are scheduled. To learn more please contact the church office.

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